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The GarageFlex storage system has been installed in thousands of homes and is the number 1 rated garage storage solution globally.


Designed For You

The GarageFlex Storage Solution is custom designed to fit your Garages specific requirements and needs.


Installed In Just 1 or 2 Days

Once your design is approved, we’ll install the wall panels, storage components and flooring in just 1 or 2 days with minimal fuss.



With a wide range of DIY accessories and support we offer complete customisation of your garage to fit and look exactly how you like it.

No Garage Too Big Or Too Small

The system is completely flexible; you can move cupboards, racks and hooks around as and when you want to, as well as adding in more storage accessories when you need to – without drilling a single hole. And if you move home, you can take the fixtures and fittings with you to add to your new house.

We believe that however you want to use your garage, whether it be a home gym, utility room, office, playroom or somewhere your classic car looks at home, it should be a functional space that looks great and works for you.

The Garageflex storage system is designed to handle the huge range of weird and wonderful items you need to store: golf clubs, gym kit, paddling pools, skis, garden equipment and more bikes than you’d have thought possible. The system is wall mounted, keeping all your storage off the floor and giving you a more usable area. And you’ll be able to find what you need, when you need it. What’s more, you might even have enough space to get the car in.


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We offer a complimentary, no-obligation quote for your garage. Our professional garage stroage experts have been in the industry for over 15 years and are ready to help you declutter your garage with the world’s best garage storage solution.


Fully Guaranteed


Professionally Designed


Installed In 2 Days Or Less


Customizable To Your Taste


Decluttering and Easy Management


Durable and Sleek Design

Let’s Build Something Together

Do you have a question or require assistance with anything in particular? Our staff are based in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide and are available to help you with anything.

How much will it cost?

This really depends on the size of your garage as all garages are different heights and widths, and some have boilers, loft hatches, pipework etc. that need to be worked around. But we are happy to do an appraisal for you, completely free!

What is FlexiPanel

Our FlexiPanel is a durable, white glossy wall panel which fits to the garage wall via timber battens and from which all of our storage accessories can be attached. It is ideal for the garage environment as it doesn’t warp, is waterproof and bug proof and is fire-rated. 

How Flexible is the Garageflex System?

It is a great advantage that it is very flexible. Customers can have one, two or three walls fitted with or without a floor and ceiling system. And then you can have any number of units placed on the FlexiPanel. It doesn’t stop there: once installed, you can move the units without the need for any tools. And you can add more units as your needs change. 

Is it easy to keep clean?

Absolutely. If you are have had all the walls, ceiling and floor installed then it stays a lot cleaner anyway. We recommend the floor tiles are cleaned with a floor cleaning solution but the walls only need a light dust occasionally.

What happens now?

If you haven’t yet requested your free brochure, click here. We suggest giving us a call on 1300 655 800 to discuss your garage and arrange for someone to come and see you to give you a more accurate appraisal for your garage.

Client Testimonials

Thanks so much to the Daves – salesperson and installer (from Attic) – for a quality job and two examples of fine customer service. Great products, friendly and positive attitudes and tenacity to finish the job even after hours. Highly recommended!.”

Lorraine Pestell - Facebook Review

“We’ve had the garageflex product installed in our Garage, couldn’t believe what a transformation has taken place, it’s so funtional, it’s so versatile, clean and stylish and it’s lifted the likeness of the garage unbelievably, and the storage options are just unbelievable ”

Ian S. Nicholls - Video Testimonial

“I’m amazed at how well the panels have kept considering the amout of parties we’ve had in here and children throwing stuff on them, and we just hose them down and they look as good as new. I really reccomend Garageflex.”

Simon From Chifley - Video Testimonial