Flexible garage storage solutions

Garageflex in Australia is owned by Attic Group and our goal is to help you declutter and organise your garage.

How does the Garageflex system work?

Garageflex commences with the FlexiPanel wall cladding system that enables clip-on storage components such as shelving units, cabinets, racks, ceiling systems and more. The FlexiPanel system is custom designed for your garage depending on your requirements.

Getting started is really simple:

1.       We organise a free in-home consultation

2.       Depending on your requirements we will work out a personalised Garageflex solution for just one, two or all of your walls

3.       Once approved, we will come and install the FlexiPanel system, storage components and flooring

4.       You then get to enjoy and be proud of your new organised garage!

Want to learn more or speak to us about your garage? We are always available and ready to hear from you.